Monday, 27 December 2010


New twattoos.

- Words from the song title 'Point / Counterpoint' By Streetlight Manifesto.
Designed and drew this out couple weeks ago.
Not only did I get the lyric because Streetlight are sound..
but because everything can basically be argued into a way
in which people can look hipercritical.

- These student protests...all the voilence, all these
kids which are saying 'fuck the cops'.. if one of their
family got murdered, the first people they'd go to is
the police. It's the same with bands who say 'fuck cops'.
But then again the police shouldn't abuse their power.
But then if they didn't they could potientialy be walked over.
But then that's how the police get away with murder, because
their allowed the power...

You see? It's endless.

And i just wanted bows and music notes to match my feet ones.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


Quick face sketch of Amanda Palmer.

I love her. She's so beautiful and talented.

Suit Up.

Sketch of my three guys on suit up.
Thought it'd be best to leave the faces out...

;) I'm kidding. Your all beautiful.

Body Sketch

When I took the photo of this, it made my other boob/nipple flower tassle look
wonky and far away.

So i drew it like that.


A quick sketch of the Flatliners. If you haven't noticed, I'm not very good at drawing faces, hence the bandages. But I like how it comes out. Makes it abit original.

I enjoyed drawing out the logo. I may had some colour next time.
- But it's not like they're gonna see this....

... maybe they will? If they are right this second,
well, this is awkward.


My representation of my beautiful best friend.
He's single ladies, so grab him while ya can ;)

...although, he doesn't have the bandage round his face.
He has the guitar though.

All bad things begin with X.

I wouldn't post them on bookface.
Just draw them.

Negative space is a bitch, right?

Monday, 6 December 2010


Was going to be the header of this blog, but it looked odd.
But I put it on here anyway.

Over again and over again and over again.

Yea, I got a taste of my own medicine a while back.
So I thought I'd draw it.
Yea, I've put a load of shit of me on here recently...

But fuck it, it's my blog.

I threw up in my mouth after seeng you.

Portrait, with lots of hair crap. Thought I'd actually put my face on here. Messed about ith the saturation, temperature, light...
the usual.

Quite like how it came out though.


Deep, Bro.


I left this scribble for so long i can't remember what I was going to put on the book.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Nip Slip.

Just some hand sewing with wool across photos, thought it would help me think of new ideas.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Merry Dickmas.

Oh C'monn!!
Whats the next cliche' thing you can create bar a snowman at 3:00am with a fresh blanket of snow starring at you?

This was half of my doing, my friend won't let me take all the credit..but I'm definatly showing my contribution.

The top photo though, I hope the 4x4 man likes jolly winter banter...

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Showing some love.

One of the most tightest sounding Ska bands I know.


Sometimes I should really stop repeating myself in certain aspects.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Still ill.

Willy phones and Nyquil shakes... basically describes my whole week.
I hope I get better soon, I hate this quarantine shit.


Here you go Iran, have this one on me.

I do love my friends even if i draw them with squid legs and make them look like alcoholics.

Dear Ms. England,

We all know that more legs mean faster mobility to the bar.


Boy with thier toys.

'I'm Oli and I love Dildo's and sunglasses.'

- I'm kidding Oli, I love you really :)

Guys are Stupid.

You know when people can just be massive clunges to you,
you just want to draw it all over their face?

Friday, 12 November 2010

Equality mask face.

My friend who really really, really likes equality.
Fairrrr play.

Thought I could introduce more colour into my scribbles.


More scribble moods, incorporating a box, squid arms, eyes, mouth, and my friend Jake.
Made this up as i went along, as I can't draw hands for shit.

Thursday, 11 November 2010


Tis was a collage I created from the word 'Disconnected'.
I only wanted to use monochrome and the paper torn shows the disconnectin within the piece.

Batta Bing Batta Boom.

Get OUT.

I slowly keep drawing more octopuss(y's?) and squids.
I like the use of many arms.
This was some thought about some person I ovb had to somehow get out.

Through paper.

Well Hung.

My hanger tornadeo. I like this idea.
But hangers get boring to repeat.

What do you call a fish with no i's?

Fishy wih fancy pens.
With a baseball cap.
Chillin in the sea.

Say it with flowers...

This was to a friend. Wanker.

Note - Will develop this idea, use actual petals, or get on photoshop with it, make it look less monochrome.


Trying out these new fancy shade-into-every-colour Pens.

Ovb I haven't got the hang of it yet, due to the shitty purple shading bits i missed, but hey, I'm learning :)

Scratch & Sniff.

I feel stupid for not rememembering what this techniquice is called...
& also for not spelling technique right the first time.

Buttt I can't be fucked to change it.

This is a print method I did by scratcing into a PVC plate, then inking it. I then ut in in the big fancy roller ontop of Stonem paper that I soaked, and stuck colour complimenting tissue paper onto the back so when it rolled, it all stuck together & came out like this I like how it came out.

So this is the scratch & Sniff Print method.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


See, still not having my camera mean dodgey photos. A drawing from willow and compressed charcol of some paint tubes on A1.

Blah blah blah,
writing that bigs up my work.

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Fiddley Shit.

This is some practising of hand stitcing in textiles. It realates to the accesories you get on gloves such as ribbons, bows and lace.

Considering I don't usually pay attention to detail, I quite like this.

Disguarded Glove Research.

Here's some media research for my 'disguarded glove' project at Bath college foudation Art & Design (Yeeh, I got in somewhere!).

I first one is just made from wrappped paper into loops around more thin bits of paper. I really like how this came to be, it reminds me of mummies being wrapped up.

I second photo shows a photo I made on the wall with pns and elastic bands, and the middle is a cast made form my hand out of masking tape , like the oler cellotape ones.
Although the photos are getting shitter, I guess thatswhat I get for not being the cliche tourist sterotype and alway carrying round a Nikon D60.

Monday, 18 October 2010


My prints seem to not be coming out so good at the mo.
But you get the drift. The past rough few weeks do take
their toll sometimes, that ya just gota get it out.

I haven't got a heart of stone ya no ;)

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Me with a squidopuss.
In a sketchy mood recently

It's all about money.

My art college has started, hence the new posts. Although this was part of my Money project. Looking at it now though, being totally broke and shit now, not good.

All alone in my big empty apartment.

Sketch of my floor, On my floor.

I really do like BTMI.


My portrait of my friend.
On hangover fry up Sunday.
With smileys and spaghetti.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

NOThing to declare.

I doubt there will be much shit on here for the next couple months, as no college. Things will be back to normal in September, Where I'll keep you updated with all the arty farty designy shit I come up with.


Monday, 21 June 2010

The hall of everybodies work.

So I managed to take a shoddy photo of the work I put up. The left side seems to look better because o the contrast of the orange/red/black. I stll had a few more things to put up though. I really need to go in and get it all back though.

Sunday, 6 June 2010


For my Surfaces project (trial and error using the light to capture barbie's hair and skin shine)

Loss of limb makes her even more slim.

Now I look like one of those bloody 'point & shoot' kids that take black & white photos of a flower in the shade and say it's photogaphy without putting and though into it.



This was another photograph I took for my obsession/fetish project. I wanted to show the fear and arousal from PVC/rubber. I read about this girl on a 'wiki' site being afraid of elastic bands so I thought, hey, that's the opposite of people with a pvc fetish.

I used the glove because it was to be not a 'sexy, look at the model in pvc clothing' shot, but a small descrete jab at it. The glove being in focus in the foreground takes the eye off the naked body. I also played about with the lighting, I thought instead of coming in from one straight angle, have some walls over exposed whilst some in the shadows, although the light is real, not edited into it.

The mask covers the identity, as most people with fears and obsessions normaly want to hide it as they feel 'different' and 'alone'. This is not the case however because there is always someone in the world who thinks, feels, or has the same views as you. You've just got to find them.

It was just another one for the display, but I do like it.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

the MUMMY.

I am very confused on how this won't rotate. Turn your laptop 90 degree anti clockwise.

This was a practice piece on a helper person friend guy. I wrapped his torso in cling film and then with cellotape. Cut him out and taped it back up. I need to wrap it around more to make it stronger, but if I kept it n too much longer, he'd die from breath loss and crushed lungs.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Exhibition Yo.

If anyone bothers reading this or is interested in my work, There's an exhibition in my town where I'm guna be putting up all my shit for a few hours.
Would be nice to see some fresh faces. Its at:

10th June 2010
6pm - 8pm

Abbeyfield School
Stanley Lane

...Oh and FYI for all of us. The School is pretty shite. As there maybe a few undergarments & condoms like there were last year in my work, they may tell me to cover it up, due to 'year seven's & eldery people that may not understand and find it offensive.'

Fuck em. If they don't have a mature, creative, artistic mind, thats not my problem.

But don't say I didn't warn you.

The Ex.

I created this with the influence of Marcus Harvey's Porn paintings in my head. Harvey did his pieces beucase of an old porn magazine he found, and painted from their stance and poses.

Mine's sort of like that.

This was about an ex boyfriend. Yea, it's odd putting personal experiances into my work, as ususally I do my pieces to benefit everyone looking at them. The colours play a very important role in this piece.I started with the reds, oranges and yellows at the top, and towards the bottom at blues, blacks and browns.

The bright, appealing colours at the top (or Start) of the page represent the start of a new relationship, where it's new, exciting, everything you ould of dreamt of. The passon. The 'honeymoon' period. And as it carries on (down the page) it begins to get into the deper colours. This represents the length. The darker side to it. Once you've been together a while you begin to argue. Shout. Cry. Fight. Lie.
And it's the deceitful relationship that you never wanted. The colours make it feel cold, lonely. Not fun.

The outline is my representation of the guy. Unfortnatly towards the end of the relationship. The slouched position, which gives the sense of 'I cannot be bothered/deal with this anymore.'

The odd thing I found with this piece was while I was creating the background. I was thinking about the relationship. It got me so wound up and angry (although in Harvey's paintings it looks like its scratched anyway), it gave me reason to want to scratch into the paper, and mixing up all the colours.

So I guess when artist's used to say 'I put emotion into this work' I used to think, well, thats pretty queer.

I guess I get where their coming from.