Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Ink Doodles.

I've uploaded alot on here the past few days. I hope that you guys see my older posts on the other page :)

Bit of a lol/bored/doodle sesh drawing freehand with ink.

Designer shoes.

Some shoes I made with pretty measuring bows :)
But they broke last week when I went to the public house. Fail.

Mental note: Stronger glue next time.

Please don't play with your food.

At least the TGI's vege burges were good for something.


This is Mary. The reknowned four legged, three armed, three titted monster of my form. I made this for a final piece for my Surfaces project, but she's not quiet finished here.
For this I took inspiration from Sarah Lucas and sock bunnies. It was to represent how people hide behind commericalised manufactured items when really were all the same.
We all have two arms, two head, two eyes a nose and a mouth.

She took a while to make, with the help of:
*Tights, pillow stuffing and hand sewing printed paper for the arms and legs
*Pillows, lue guns and sewing for the main body
*Sewing machining the face, whilst hand sewing on the features

At this point in he photo she needed her hair and shoes, but it gives a rugh ideao f the height an size. It's based of an average females height, so about 5'9?

I don't want to take her home though. Fuck that in the corner of my room.


For my Obesseion project, I focused around phobias, as it has similar effects as obssesion. I was then really intrested on how a phobia for someone, can be an arousing fetish for another.

How one person can be abnormly scared of something, and another can wank one out to the very same thing.

These were photos a took & and edited to show:
Merinthophobaia: Fear of being tied up
Asphyxiation: Arousal of stranlisation, restricting oxygen to the body


This is a photograph I took then edited. I like it.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Project design Chitty Project

This was like a 3 weeks project me and the 5 other guys had to create for a local primary school's musical shindig. We made this beast from pine, MDF, greyboard, foam and fabric bits and pieces. It was eventually about over 2 metres long maybe? And had full working wings.

The lame bit was having to carry it for three miles to the other school, through town. We had our photo in the local newspaper, hence the reason I'm sat in it in the photo... I'm the smallest.

Pretty impressed with the outcome though, and the kids faces were immense when they saw it.

Favourite things.

This was experimenting for my Music project.It was related to dreams at first, but this piece was about how some ex portrayed me. It picks out the things you feel are your worst points, and asks people straight.

I drew this up free hand then scanned it into photoshop. I messed about and played with the colours and.. wal'la.

Photobooth me.

Quick sketchy painting of myself in gouash. What a character.

Apple carving.

My apple carving was part of my Money project prep. I took the motto:
An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
And changed it to:
An apple a day keeps the general practitioner out of a job.
I basically knocked what the first motto war trying to say on the head, but prolonged it. The apple is all mouldy and brown now though. So NOT a permanent piece.

Sex & Violence.

Experimenting with various media, I used red food dye and condoms to create this piece. Its mounted on greyboard which is painted with white acryllic. I really like this piece, however the college got pretty shitty with me putting it up, saying 'youger kids will be looking at it'.
So what?
If they don't have a creative eye, fuck em.
I'd like to redo this piece sometime, making it look more professional, maybe using frames or mount it on MDF or something.

Monday, 26 April 2010

Davey Jones lookin' sculpture.

I created this for a Natural form project. I'm shite at clay but evenutally grown to love it once I finished this piece. Now I really like it. It's such a pride and joy it's been sitting on the bathroom windowsill ever since.


Experimenting with clay for my Surfaces project. Insiration taken for a similer piece. Clay model left to dry (not fired) when painted. No barbies were hurt during this piece. Well, maybe one.


These were build ups to my Money final piece. To show how commerial goods can relate to greed and how everyday luxories arn't appreciated. Got a bit messy.

Money Piece.

So, This is my First Blog. And my first uploaded piece. Problem is, with my work, you got to step back and think. By doing this, ot gives me time to explain, and gives a brief look into how I think, if anyone's interested.

This was my final piece for my Money project. I used measured out the required MDF I needed to create the shelves and the board, and drilled holes into the shelves. I then manually screwed it all up. I painted it all with white emulsion before arranging the features.

The reason behind this piece was to show how much we, as a more economically developed country, waste money. I wanted try and compared this somehow with less economically developed countries, and after bloody weeks of mind mapping I came up with the idea of using an everyday object (apple) which is seen in every country so that it can be related.

The shelves go up and down, showing various stages of the apple 'manufacturing' scheme. I got the inspiration from the 'monkey to man' evolution process.
The shevles go up (and back down)as follows:
(From left to right)
  1. An apple seed - shows a natural object

  2. An apple - with nothing added, nothing taken. Just one fresh apple

  3. An apple with syringe - showing the genetically modified side of process

  4. Packaging - This is showing the uncessarsary packaging that is expensive and wasteful

  5. Overly packaged apple - This is taking the mick out of the packaging by spending too much and treating it like something it isn't

  6. Artifical apple products - inclufing sweets and drinks, added e numbers and sugars

  7. Organic apple - People then complain that they want fresh, healthy food. The companies then make it organi and charge more for it.

  8. An apple - just a normal apple which comsumers wanted in the first place. Did not need to go through the whole process in the first place

This is showing how 'dumbminded' as a MEDC we are. It questions that people in other countries where the fruit was produced in the first place who have less money are smartr than us, because they eat fresh, raw fruit and vegetables, and do not waste money on pointless middle men.

So yeah, get me?