Sunday, 16 May 2010

Exhibition Yo.

If anyone bothers reading this or is interested in my work, There's an exhibition in my town where I'm guna be putting up all my shit for a few hours.
Would be nice to see some fresh faces. Its at:

10th June 2010
6pm - 8pm

Abbeyfield School
Stanley Lane

...Oh and FYI for all of us. The School is pretty shite. As there maybe a few undergarments & condoms like there were last year in my work, they may tell me to cover it up, due to 'year seven's & eldery people that may not understand and find it offensive.'

Fuck em. If they don't have a mature, creative, artistic mind, thats not my problem.

But don't say I didn't warn you.

The Ex.

I created this with the influence of Marcus Harvey's Porn paintings in my head. Harvey did his pieces beucase of an old porn magazine he found, and painted from their stance and poses.

Mine's sort of like that.

This was about an ex boyfriend. Yea, it's odd putting personal experiances into my work, as ususally I do my pieces to benefit everyone looking at them. The colours play a very important role in this piece.I started with the reds, oranges and yellows at the top, and towards the bottom at blues, blacks and browns.

The bright, appealing colours at the top (or Start) of the page represent the start of a new relationship, where it's new, exciting, everything you ould of dreamt of. The passon. The 'honeymoon' period. And as it carries on (down the page) it begins to get into the deper colours. This represents the length. The darker side to it. Once you've been together a while you begin to argue. Shout. Cry. Fight. Lie.
And it's the deceitful relationship that you never wanted. The colours make it feel cold, lonely. Not fun.

The outline is my representation of the guy. Unfortnatly towards the end of the relationship. The slouched position, which gives the sense of 'I cannot be bothered/deal with this anymore.'

The odd thing I found with this piece was while I was creating the background. I was thinking about the relationship. It got me so wound up and angry (although in Harvey's paintings it looks like its scratched anyway), it gave me reason to want to scratch into the paper, and mixing up all the colours.

So I guess when artist's used to say 'I put emotion into this work' I used to think, well, thats pretty queer.

I guess I get where their coming from.

Saturday, 15 May 2010


Spur of the moment art. Or regrettable. I'll get back to you in a few years time.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Alcoholic Newspaper

I've just realised that if people see my first page as it is now, most of it may be 'shit' to people..with pacman lemons, vegeburger faces...I'm NOT A FOOD ARTIST!!
So here's another quick concept I came out with whilst doing my Obsessions project.

Still inspired by Mark Jenkins, I wrapped a wine bottle in cling film, then covered in newspaper. I then stuck a thin, but still strong enough to not break, layer of cellotape around a few times, then cut the 'cast' out of the bottle. I finaly taped the cut back up.

I like how its can out, because I wanted to keep t so you could still see the newpaper articles. I didn't use it in my final piece, but it looks good.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Julian Opie Write Off.

I had to look at character for an ld project, so I tried a version of me in the style of Julian Opie. This was before I uploaded all the fancy art shit programmes on my PC, as you can tell I used paint.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010


I can't help it at work, my imagination takes off..



That's what i'm going to call this. From inspiration of my Phobia/Fetish photos, I was feeling pretty shitty after surgery having being cut over and my appendix took out.

It shows the big, ugly scar thats being ripped skin and torn up body, with the opposite of a delicate, pretty ribbon. The body is showing the natural skin, but not making it sexual as I purposly covered up the bits that weren't needed for this photo to look sexualy revealing. If i had time, I'd of edited out the reading bands.

By doing this, it cheered me up, and I didn't feel that ugly after all.

Sticky Babies.

This is the end result of my Obsessions project, I'm mid way through the final exam, and this is the progress so far. The inspiration is taken from sculpture guy Mark Jenkins(check him out).

My piece represents the feeling and emotion or phobias and fetishs from birth, and how it starts from a young aes,and grows with the person as they experiment and grow up. The piece will be hanging, so people will have to move a full 360 degrees round it. On one side (of the board/MDF/card/acrylic ...haven't decided yet) there is a cellotaped arm cast holding a cellotape cast baby.

The baby will be clinging into the mothers arms, with a pose which is distressed. This is to show the phobia of Acrophobia, the irrational fear of heights.

On the other side of the board the mothers arm will be clinging to grab the baby, who is posed to look as if its trying to wriggle free of the end of her body. This is displayed the fetish arousal of Autassassinophilia, which is being in life-threatening situations. In this case, dangling from mid air.

If you guys could be bothered to read that, I hope you get it. I'll post more photos after tomorrows finished exam. Wish me luck!