Monday, 21 June 2010

The hall of everybodies work.

So I managed to take a shoddy photo of the work I put up. The left side seems to look better because o the contrast of the orange/red/black. I stll had a few more things to put up though. I really need to go in and get it all back though.

Sunday, 6 June 2010


For my Surfaces project (trial and error using the light to capture barbie's hair and skin shine)

Loss of limb makes her even more slim.

Now I look like one of those bloody 'point & shoot' kids that take black & white photos of a flower in the shade and say it's photogaphy without putting and though into it.



This was another photograph I took for my obsession/fetish project. I wanted to show the fear and arousal from PVC/rubber. I read about this girl on a 'wiki' site being afraid of elastic bands so I thought, hey, that's the opposite of people with a pvc fetish.

I used the glove because it was to be not a 'sexy, look at the model in pvc clothing' shot, but a small descrete jab at it. The glove being in focus in the foreground takes the eye off the naked body. I also played about with the lighting, I thought instead of coming in from one straight angle, have some walls over exposed whilst some in the shadows, although the light is real, not edited into it.

The mask covers the identity, as most people with fears and obsessions normaly want to hide it as they feel 'different' and 'alone'. This is not the case however because there is always someone in the world who thinks, feels, or has the same views as you. You've just got to find them.

It was just another one for the display, but I do like it.

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

the MUMMY.

I am very confused on how this won't rotate. Turn your laptop 90 degree anti clockwise.

This was a practice piece on a helper person friend guy. I wrapped his torso in cling film and then with cellotape. Cut him out and taped it back up. I need to wrap it around more to make it stronger, but if I kept it n too much longer, he'd die from breath loss and crushed lungs.