Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Fiddley Shit.

This is some practising of hand stitcing in textiles. It realates to the accesories you get on gloves such as ribbons, bows and lace.

Considering I don't usually pay attention to detail, I quite like this.

Disguarded Glove Research.

Here's some media research for my 'disguarded glove' project at Bath college foudation Art & Design (Yeeh, I got in somewhere!).

I first one is just made from wrappped paper into loops around more thin bits of paper. I really like how this came to be, it reminds me of mummies being wrapped up.

I second photo shows a photo I made on the wall with pns and elastic bands, and the middle is a cast made form my hand out of masking tape , like the oler cellotape ones.
Although the photos are getting shitter, I guess thatswhat I get for not being the cliche tourist sterotype and alway carrying round a Nikon D60.

Monday, 18 October 2010


My prints seem to not be coming out so good at the mo.
But you get the drift. The past rough few weeks do take
their toll sometimes, that ya just gota get it out.

I haven't got a heart of stone ya no ;)

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Me with a squidopuss.
In a sketchy mood recently

It's all about money.

My art college has started, hence the new posts. Although this was part of my Money project. Looking at it now though, being totally broke and shit now, not good.

All alone in my big empty apartment.

Sketch of my floor, On my floor.

I really do like BTMI.


My portrait of my friend.
On hangover fry up Sunday.
With smileys and spaghetti.